Work Method Statement of Internal Plastering & everything about this indetail

Resource Required:

The resource can be materials, labour , equipment or tools.


  • OPC
  • MSand
  • Ecosand
  • Rendercon 5s
  • Plaster Sand
  • Water


  • Unskilled / Semi Skilled/ Skilled Labour

 Equipment / Tools:

  •  Straight Edge
  • Spirit Level
  •  Right Angle
  • Plumb Bob
  • Hand Trowel
  • Nylon Thread
  • Tape

Work Location: 

work location must be clear pathway to allow the workers or machinery to work in that area. the pathway must be cleared with debris and waste materials in that area.

Work Methodology for Internal Plastering:

  1. The surface where the plastering needs to be done must be clean, free from loose materials, mortar droppings, efflorescence, rough and keyed to make a proper bonding.
  2. Plastering is started only after completing all other works like inserting boxes, installation of conduits, chasing etc.
  3. Scaffolds with all the safety requirements are erected at work place to carryout the work for required height.
  4. Erected scaffold are checked and approved for further use.
  5. The junctions between the concrete members and masonry are covered by GI expanded metal mesh of 100 mm wide.
  6. The area for plastering is covered with bull markings in both horizontal and vertical directions at not more that 1.5 meter intervals to guide for plaster application in true plane and required thickness.
  7. walls are made sufficiently damp prior to plaster and flooring are covered to avoid the plaster material to spoil the floor usually its covered with cement bags.
  8. The mortar shall be dry mixed manually on GI Sheet and proportioned using Measurement Box of size (40cmx 35cmx 25cm), 0.035 cum and additionally RenderCon ‘Super’ & ‘5S’ – self curing, crack resistant admixture for mortar is added one pack for 1:6 proportion of Psand or MSand: Ecosand mix.
  9. water is added to mix upto required consistency.
  10. The Rendercon self curing admixture is used in the mortar to avoid the curing.
  11. work area is cleaned and debris is removed from the place.