Top 20 Civil engineering Software's and their Uses

 Top 20 Civil engineering Software's and their Uses.


  • It’s a Application software to design a building, bridge or any construction project. 
  • 1982 was d 1st version and now autodesk develops  and does the marketing too.
  •  It’s a commercial software which is basically used for 2D or 3D drafting and designing. 
You can download the autocad from below link

2. STAAD Pro

  • It’s a structural engineering software product for Design and Analysis
  • It helps in creating a model  which can be interpreted in 3D , helps analyzing that structure with respect to different conditions of load and support and finally it helps in designing the structure with different materials.
  • It can do structural analysis and design of building, bridges, stadiums, transmission towers, highway structures, foundations, dams, retaining wall, culverts, tunnels, etc it can almost do a structural analysis and design of most of the structures.
  • Here we don’t need to worry about analysis which is done automatically by staad.

3. 3DS Max

  • Access to 3D space. Allows us to create 3D objects ,from which we can create models.
  • It can be used to create architectural elements which are available and Can animate in 3DSmax.
  • Overall 3DS max is wonderful tool that gives access to create objects that tell story and give u concepts for design.
  • Access to animate the particle like gravity, deflection.
  • It helps in making objects look like real.
  • Lighting is spectacular , got lot of options in realistic feature as in rendering, refraction and animation.

14. Revit Structure and Architecture 

  •        It’s a drafting softwareAs soon as we hear drafting AUTOCAD comes in our mind, but revit is too different from AUTOCAD software.
  •        In autocad we need to make 2D and den extrude and prepare 3 model then assign 3DS max materialistic properties and then rendering is done . But its not d same in Revit. 
  •        2D plan, 3D plan, Realistic look we get in 1 software.  Revit we just need to give wall height and automatically it will take height and appear in 3D.


  • Similar to staad software for Design and Analysis.but it has Few difference from Staad software which makes Etabs to be better than Staad pro.
  • In Etabs we can design the shear walls.
  • Retaining wall can be designed easily here

6.SAP 2000

  • Most integrated and general purpose structural program software these days.
  •  It is Used for most of the structural analysis and designing any structure. General purpose software.
  • This allows us to create complex structure models.


  • It helps in managing the cost, resources, time, schedule, changes, risk, construction and documenting purpose.
  • It helps for each member involved in project to access the plan and real time schedule and cost flow.
  • It can be used to track the project progress and performance .
  • Its can be used by project manager, planner, project controller
  • used for Construction Management. Construction Planning/Project Planning which is used in execution.


  • Its a project management software and its uses are similar to primavera.
  • We can plan the project, schedule the tasks, assign the resources for activities and track the project
  • The progress and the performance of the project can be understood easily.

9. Tekla

  • It’s a 3D BIM software fr concrete construction.
  • we can build a single model which includes all the information we require for our design and analysis.
  • it's used mainly for Analysis and design
  • It has fully automated tool to design.

10.Google Sketchups

  • We can draw and edit in 2D,3D
  • We can edit the drawing's in various forms like colors, textures, images, styles, views, shadows, fog and animations.
  • its usually used by  interior designer who wants to put together for presentation or  architect  who wants to do house to set of construction document.

11. Benteley watergems/sewergems

  • It’s a software for environmental students to analysis the pipe, design the water distribution systems and develop plans .
  • it is a hydraulic modeling application for water distribution system which is easy to use and take decisions.


It is used by geo-tech engineer's for Earthquake and Geo Technical analysis.

13.CCS Candy Software

  • This software is used for cost estimation and quantity estimation.
  • Its mainly used by contractors to estimate the cost of any construction project, which is basically developed by contractor's.


  • The name of software involves, GIS (geographic information system) . This software is basically working on maps and used for surveying.
  • it is a web application used for searching and sharing of geographic information.

15. MX ROAD 

  • This software is used for  road design and analysis.
  • It is used for designing all types of roads and analyzing them. it creates a profile and cross-sections in 3D model.


  • it is a complete full transportation and GIS software specially designed for transportation professionals.
  • It is a GIS software product.


  • This software is used for signal coordination.

1   18. Tally

  • This tally is helpful in  project accounting.Tally the name commonly refers to calculation of total amount, debt.
  • This software can handle accounting, tax management, payroll, inventory management etc.

1   19.Ms access


  •    this is a database management system from Microsoft. which is used for records management and project reviewing.


  • this is used for Slope Stability Analysis of soil and rock slopes etc,
  • It’s a software for all geo-engineers .
  • It’s a software suite for modeling slope stability, ground deformation, and heat and mass transfer in soil and rock.