Civil Engineering- Formwork Scheme for Column, RCC Wall, Slab, Beam

Formwork Scheme

Formwork is a Temporary mold or box where the concrete is poured to harden. It acts as a support to hold concrete in position until it stiffens.
There are different scheme for different type of Structural element different mold are prepared using different materials.

 Formwork Scheme for Column

Erection of column:

  1. The column boxes are formed by Aluminium Beams which are placed at 250 mm C/C.
  2. 12 mm thick plywood is used as a skin.
  3. The wallers are placed at an interval of 350 mm, 1450 mm , 2550 mm from bottom here.
  4. The props are placed for alignment of the shutter and tie rods are placed to take the form pressure.

Deshuttering of column:

  • The column shuttering can be removed after 24 hours of concreting. 

Formwork scheme for RCC Wall

Erection of Retaining wall:

  1. The retaining wall shutters are made from 12 mm thick plywood which are supported by aluminium Beams which are placed at 300 mm c/c.
  2. Three Level Wallers are provided here to take the concrete pressure.
  3. Props are placed at two meter c/c to get the alignment of the shutter.

Deshuttering of Retaining wall:

  • The Wall shuttering can be removed after 24 hours of concreting. 

Formwork Scheme for Slab

Erection of Slab:

  1. The Cuplock Verticals are placed at 1.8x1.8 mtr  c/c (maximum) in both the direction.
  2. Drop head with Top jack will be placed on the Cuplock vertical on which Aluminium Primary 1.7 is placed.The bottom jack is provided at bottom of the vertical to do the level adjustment.
  3. The secondary beam 1.7 mtr  is placed @ 400mm c/c across the primary beams.
  4. The ply wood is placed on the secondary beam as skin.

Deshuttering of Slab:

  • The aluminium Primary and secondary are deshuttered on 3rd  day  or 70 % achievement of the concrete cube strength whichever is maximum  from the date of concreting .
  • The props are removed on 7th day from the date of concreting.

Formwork Scheme for Beams

Erection of Beam:

  1. The cup lock grid of 1.25m x 1.8 m formed under the beam.
  2. Base jacks are placed at bottom and stirrup head at top with maximum opening of 375mm or less as per the requirement.
  3. The Beam Shutters are formed by putting the Aluminium beams placed at 400mm c/c.
  4. The 12mm thick plywood board made with runner 2”x3” is used as bottom skin which is placed above the aluminium Beams @ 400mm c/c.
  5. The Aluminium beams are supported by ISMC 100 .
  6. The beams sides are made from 12mm thick plywood which is supported by 2”x3” wooden runners. 

Deshutterinng of Beam:

  • The beam sides are removed after 24 Hrs of the concreting.
  • The Aluminium beams which are carrying the beam bottom are deshuttered on 8th day and extra props which are placed at 1 meter c/c are removed on 14th day. 

Table Formwork for Slab

  • This formwork is used for Flat Slab shuttering.
  • This formwork is easy for the erection and it offers mobility. the formwork can move.
  • It's suitable for large floor slab which has a repetitive use. 
  • This formwork gives a high quality finish.
  • Once the concrete is stiffened the table can be lowed and rolled can can be quickly shifted to next place of concreting. this makes the work easily for next concreting.
  • Hydraulic pallet truck is used to move. below image is the hydraulic truck used in our site.
  • Table form- C frame is used to lift and place the formwork initially.

Climbing Form for walls

  • These are the formwork best suited for vertical concreting of any structure for towers, any tall structures or any rising walls.
  • It's the best formwork to use of repetition's it's more useful where there is repetitions.
  • As this formwork is costly but it can be well suitable for repetitive uses.
  • This is not just a formwork/mold to put the concrete , it has place for the working crew .