SLIPFORM TECHNOLOGYWhat is slipform? slipform is a self climbing formwork system.Supported on a recoverable vertical supportmedium.Steel faced formwork shutter configured in a single sided support fashion, i.e. no tie bars.Structural steel frame to form a rigid structural system where the formwork shutter is an integral part of thestructure .Slipform does not cast concrete, it extrudes concrete.Slipform relies on a disciplined placement methodology akin to a manufacturing process in an in-situ concreteenvironment.Slipform is the fastest method of forming in- situ vertical concreteavailable. What we can slipform?
Vertical in-situ concretestructures.Preferable to have regular wall plan throughout the height of thestructure.The taller thebetter.Preferabletoavoidhighstrength concrete mixdesigns.A multitude of different planar structural shapes can be accommodated.Preferable to have a minimumwall thickness of200 mm.Tapered structures can be slipformed. Typical Assembly of Slipform Slipform t…

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